Scope of Work

The situation in Lebanon is unbearable for its residents. In the last 5 years, the Lebanese pound lost most of its value since October 2019, eroding people’s ability to access basic goods, including food, shelter, and healthcare. The covid-19 pandemic compounded poverty and economic hardship. The economic crisis coupled with the pandemic severely affected the medical sector endangering the ability of Hospitals to provide life-saving care.

Additionally, the lack of access to medication, as well as the power cuts that the hospitals are suffering from, hindered the health sector and left all patients with restricted access to any kind of healthcare. Hospitals are struggling to provide patients with urgent medical care due to the government’s failure to provide them with the funds it owes them. Electricity blackouts became widespread, lasting up to 22 hours per day forcing residents to acquire by any means electricity.  Women and children still face discrimination under the religion-based personal status laws, and child marriage and marital rape remain legal. The education sector is collapsing as parents are not able to provide for their children’s education. This forced hundreds of thousands of students to interrupt their education. Furthermore, the 2020 Beirut blast is still unsolved. The explosion caused more than 200 deaths, whole neighborhoods were destroyed, and justice is still not served.

Thus, in light of the instability caused by the abovementioned situation, The Right Path NGO will focus its work on five main pillars:


Livelihood support (medical, life support, amenities, etc.)




Natural resources and renewable energy




Ethics and transparency

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Achrafieh Race 10452

Christmas market & Lunch

Achrafieh Race 10452

Christmas market & Lunch

Physical Donations

can be made at BoB Finance branches (link to branches) to the name “The Right Path NGO”.

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Ashrafieh Race 10452